Improving prospects with educational opportunities


Educational opportunities for East Africa

In East Africa, numerous schools, kindergartens and boarding schools are already being built or planned to improve education in Uganda and other countries.

Schools and other projects

We are still looking for competent partners for the planned projects in West Africa. We are already gaining initial experience there with partners in Senegal and Ghana.

The ODEC is the start in the southwest

The first ODEC education center has been in operation in Namibia since January 2024. Construction of another school will begin in summer 2024 and further projects are being planned.

The focus is on Romania and Ukraine

In addition to the boarding school and sports hall in the border town of Victoria in Romania, further projects to promote education are also being considered in Ukraine and Bulgaria, for example.

We have been supporting associations and NGOs for 10 years

In the first few years of our foundation's activities, we concentrated primarily on providing financial support to aid organizations in Germany and abroad.

The Centres

The foundation is currently setting up centers in East, West and Southwest Africa. From there, social facilities with a focus on promoting education are being developed nationwide.

How schools, kindergartens and other educational institutions help in Africa

Many children in Africa are still unable to go to school. We are committed to ensuring that they can exercise their right to education. One of the ways we achieve this is by building new schools.
In many African countries, the number of illiterate people is very high. Many people cannot read and write because they have not attended school. Girls are often excluded from attending school. There is often a lack of money to attend school or a lack of awareness and understanding in the family. Most children are involved in the family's daily housework, with girls having a particularly large number of tasks. Parents are skeptical about schooling, often because they have never attended school themselves.
The importance of school attendance is immense, and not only in Africa. Education has a positive impact on all children and is also the key to combating poverty and creating a better future. Education is a human right and is enshrined in both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.


years of commitment to education in crisis regions


educational projects completed or under construction


supported aid organizations

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