Boarding school for boys and girls

Working in partnership, the Werner Erkes Foundation and the aid organisation Lahai-Roi e. V. have built a boarding school in Victoria (Romania, directly on the Moldovan border) for the benefit and protection of extremely vulnerable children.


It is owned by the foundation, which also provided all of the capital. Construction was carried out by the Lahai-Roi association, which also runs the boarding school itself with financial support from the foundation. The building was completed in spring 2020 and, after a delay due to the coronavirus, the beautiful new building was handed over in September 2021 as part of a small celebration. The centre now cares for 36 girls and boys from precarious family backgrounds.



The building offers approx. 850 square metres of living space on two levels and a sheltered home for approx. 40 children at full capacity. The living space can optionally be expanded by extending the attic for a further 20 children.

We would like to thank the members and friends of the Lahai-Roi aid organisation in Germany and Romania for their great selfless commitment to the planning, construction and operation of the boarding school. Thanks to their own contribution, the construction costs could be reduced considerably.

Our boarding school children have mostly had to eke out their young lives in the most difficult spatial and hygienic conditions.

Often there is not even running water or electricity.

Victoria, Romania
Opened in March 2021

Lahai-Roi works hand-in-hand with employees from Germany and Romania
The aid organisation has set itself the task of helping poor local people out of Christian charity.  The aid should be material, sustainable, but also life-changing and spiritual.

To ensure that your support reaches its destination 1:1, the organisation relies on volunteers.

The work of Lahai-Roi is exemplary for further intended cooperation with aid organisations in Eastern Europe under the umbrella of the Werner Erkes Foundation.

The founders of Lahai-Roi e. V. Albert Koebele and Ady Stoika

In addition to their duties as sponsors of the boarding school, the voluntary members of the association have been helping the poorest people in the Victoria area for many years with deliveries of food, fuel, Christmas presents for the children and other items.

Since the outbreak of the war, they have also been active with similar deliveries to the Ukrainian population with the support of the Werner Erkes Foundation. We are always impressed by the selfless commitment of those involved.


sports hall

We have built a sports hall in the immediate neighbourhood of the boarding school. Here the children can fulfil their urge to exercise even in the cold season.


This hall will also serve as an event location for people from Victoria to the city of Iasi. Areas for finishing catering and sanitary facilities are planned. The income from rental and catering will benefit the boarding school.

A granny flat was also integrated into the building for the family of the boarding school and sports hall manager.

Victoria, Romania
Opens in April 2024

Opening party for the kids

April 2024

Visits to needy families near Iasi

April 2024

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