On the way to the new sports centre

Elhadj Diouf Primary School and Kindergarten

Kaolack, Senegal
Opening in May 2024


The new school complex is nearing completion. The primary school, kindergarten, infirmary and administration building will be completed and rounded off by our sports complex. The Werner Erkes Foundation has made a not inconsiderable financial contribution to making this outstanding educational centre a reality.

The opening ceremony will take place in May this year. The entire WES Executive Board will not miss the opportunity to be part of this event.

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Eröffnet im Januar 2024

The Werner Erkes Foundation intends to set up a foundation in a West African country to develop educational projects there and in neighbouring countries.


To this end, we are looking for German organisations and local NGOs that are already involved in the project.


Furthermore, we are looking for a committed director (m/f/d) for this major project, who is ideally a native West African, but also has a strong connection to Germany.


The Management Boards of EDF and WES when the cooperation was founded in summer 2023

The EDF Foundation is involved "on the bridge" between Senegal and Germany in areas such as education, medicine, the environment and sport. Initiated projects in Senegal / Germany always include a concept of local independence after 3-5 years.

The EDF is a sustainable long-term project as a supporting component of the "ONE World Model" promoted by local, national and international bodies (cooperation at school, community and foundation level).


The EDF is committed to ...


- German-Senegalese youth are brought together as the foundation of a cultural bridge, e.g. by facilitating workshop encounters.


- providing local support in the areas of education, medicine, nutrition, sport, music..,

so that

  • girls and boys can attend school (school fees, transport),
  • the learning conditions (school materials, rooms, extra tuition, etc.) are improved,
  • medical care is ensured in Kaolack,
  • children receive a balanced diet.
  • young people are offered prospects in order to avoid the causes of flight,
  • junior ambassadors are trained to sensitise their fellow human beings to ONE World.

New construction of a multifunctional sports centre 
with playgrounds and changing rooms

The sports and play area is directly adjacent to the school grounds on the right. The facility includes a multifunctional sports field with a high-quality surface for tennis, football, basketball, etc., a building with changing rooms and toilets and two playgrounds. We are financing the entire sports and play area, which we are currently building together with our new friends.

The sports facility will also be accessible to sports clubs in Kaolack and the surrounding area. The income generated will benefit the school project. Completion and opening is planned for May 2024.

WES is delighted to have been able to get involved in this exciting flagship project in Senegal.


Kaolack, Senegal
Opening in May 2024

Construction of a primary school with kindergarten

Conceptual discussions are currently taking place between organisations in Ghana and Germany and the Werner Erkes Foundation West Africa i. Gr. 

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